The elegance of the Italian design and the development of a multipurpose cooking product merge into the innovative lines of the Dolomiti collection.
The whole range displays a stainless steel bottom compatible with the most common cooking hobs, such as induction, gas, electric, glass ceramic and halogen.
Thanks to the continuity of the handles with the body, the Dolomiti is suitable for oven recipes too. Furthermore, the refined design makes it the perfect serving-pot.



Robust. High-performance. Elegant. Garda line offers high-performance and a pleasant essential design, in every size you need. 



Monte Bianco

The Monte Bianco line satisfies the search for simplicity. The range features a white aluminum finish commonly appreciated in the professional cooking, complemented by a practical and handy steel handle. The design is linear, free from borders and non-essential details. With its clean curves, Monte Bianco is ideal if you are looking for a range of products focused on functionality.



Our collection of square deep frypans presents four different sizes, with comfortable stainless steal handles. Use the lid for an oven-like cooking and to preserve the natural flavors of the ingredients.



One of our most complete collections. The perfect compromise between practicality and solidity, without sacrificing aesthetics. 

100% made in Italy.



The Maxigrill is ideal for occasions of conviviality, when sharing makes everything tastier.

The large surface allows you to sear the vegetables while the meat sizzles by its side, and to serve everything on the table while still hot.



The Fiorentina grill belongs to the most creative side of the kitchen. During cooking the inside decorations, available in three different styles, mark the food. Two lips at corner drain the excess liquid with precision and the asymmetrical handles, one with the body, facilitate its use.  



Our selection of oven friendly products, 100% made in Italy.